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Community during Covid

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle with local law enforcement SERVPRO vehicle with local law enforcement

SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties has been busy with helping our local community attempt to navigate this pandemic as best we can. We have different plans available for disinfecting a location that may or may not have had a case of coronavirus present.

Along with offering the services SERVPRO has been known for since 1967, we have attempted to assist some local businesses as well as first responders through these trying times.

SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties has done numerous outreach activities to include taking lunch to some of the various fire stations in our area, fogging of First Responder vehicles for the County and City as well as giving out a teacher appreciation packet to our local High School's faculty and staff.

We would like to thank anyone who was able to take part in these events for helping us spread the word of the little bit of normal that we as SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties are attempting to bring during this period of "New Normal".

Phase 1 - Re-Open Florida

4/30/2020 (Permalink)

Florida outline, person in yellow tyvek suit and mask Phase 1 - Reopening Florida

So here is what we know about Phase 1, Re-Opening... 

* May 4th Florida will enter Phase 1 (excluding some southeast FL counties) 

1. Schools will remain in distance learning 

2. No visitors entering long term care facilities 

3. Elective surgeries will resume 

4. Restaurants will resume operations with outdoor seating (6 feet separating tables) and indoor capacity of 25% (following CDC recommended guidelines for indoor social distancing) 

5. Retail reopens with 25% indoor capacity following CDC guidelines/protocols 

6. No larger venues reopen, not specifically listed above.

No movie theaters, no gyms, no personal services (hair salons, massage therapy, barbers) and no bars. 

** Vulnerable population should continue to avoid close contact and limit outdoor activities, and following social distancing. 

** All individuals when outside should maximize physical distancing protocols 

** Social groups/gatherings remain at 10 or fewer 

** Recommendation of face masks being worn in workplaces as well as any situation which is in close proximity in public. 

Governor estimates each phase will be consistently re-evaluated and last for several weeks. 

To go to Phase 2, monitoring of hospital capacity and testing positive rates. AND monitoring symptomatic hospitalizations. 

If your business was deemed essential within the previous executive order, this phase 1 should not be impacting your operations.


9/4/2019 (Permalink)

What do you do when you look at the television and see a category 4 hurricane headed your way? 

Unfortunately, we are utterly and completely powerless in the face of a 120 mph hurricane that is headed towards our house, our family, and our life.

As human beings who strive for control we come face to face with the ultimate reality - there is so much in life that is beyond our control. 

You see, hurricanes don't just come in the form of weather patterns, wind and rain. Every day we face hurricanes at work and in life. A sudden illness. A sick child. A car accident. Divorce. Job loss. Company reorganization. Financial crisis. The death of a loved one. Loss of business, etc. The winds of life blow. The conditions get worse. Hurricanes come at us from all directions. So what do we do? Do we give up? Do we live in fear? Do we hide under the covers or do we face the reality of the storm, adapt and deal with the damages it brings? 

The answer comes from a boy named Joshua. As a hurricane was approaching our town years ago Joshua’s mom was in his room telling him that that she and his dad were getting a divorce. With tears streaming down his face he said, "You know Mom, this is really hard but I’m going to try to be strong and positive and trust it will all work out." As she told me this story my heart just melted. This boy, whose pain was unbearable, was choosing to stay positive as his world was being torn apart. While his levies of strength were breaking and the pain was flooding in, he was mustering up the courage and faith to reinforce his walls and stay strong in the face of adversity. He didn't act in denial. He accepted the situation. And he knew he had to deal with it; with courage, positivity, hope and faith. I've come to realize that, like Joshua, every one of us will come face to face with hurricanes in our life.

We will come to the realization that our situation is beyond our control. During these moments we are meant to realize that we can’t do it alone. In our powerlessness we are meant to discover the ultimate power. In our fear we are meant to find our faith. And in our need for control we are meant to find a peace that comes when we surrender. We are meant to stay positive and overcome whatever challenges come our way.

I don't know why we have to face hurricanes but people like Joshua and my own heart show me the way to overcome them. 

Storms are going to happen.

But the sun always rises and shines again.

Altrusa of Lake City Annual Conference held in Tampa

5/4/2016 (Permalink)

Theme of the Night: Tropical or Hawaiian Night Attire and Food!

As a member of the Altrusa Club of Lake City, Kim Nicholson has been blessed to be a part of many happenings since 2010 when she became a member. This past weekend a group of us went to Tampa to our annual conference where we donated art supplies to the host clubs charity this year which is was the Gainesville club. We, as a club, were also awarded many awards, but to top off the event the Lake City Club won the esteemed First Place Outstanding Club Award!  In addition we won first place for the Mamie L Bass Service Award in recognition of our Get Fit project last year!   We are gearing up for our Finale of this years Get Fit project this coming Saturday morning with the Color Run!!!

Insurance Professional? We've got you covered!

2/29/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties will be hosting TWO *FREE*Continuing Education Seminars!!!

This is our way of helping our local Inusrance Professionals get their Continued Education Credits as well as learn some helpful things that SERVPRO offers. It also gives us here at SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties a little extra one on one time with the awesome Insurance Professionals we have come to know and love!  

Our Class sizes are limited so please RSVP as soon as you can! Lunch will also be provided at no cost.

The Date of the Seminars will be Thursday April 14, 2016.         Registration will be 8:00AM-8:30AM

The first class is from 8:30AM-12:30PM and will be on Property Fire Damage Restoration, The credit is 4 hours.

The second class is from 1:00PM-3:00PM and will be on Deodorization of Malodors, The credit is 2 hours.

*Please note all courses have been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services for for insurance continuing education credit.*

Christmas Gifts for Children in Need

12/10/2015 (Permalink)

We were so blessed this year at SERVPRO of Columbia & Suwannee Counties we decided as a group to choose a charity and give back.  We chose to purchase Christmas presents for Guardian Ad Litem program children in need.  We were presented a list of hundreds of children and their age and some of the things they might need or interests and we all went shopping together.  It was a wonderful time spent as a company bonding together and being able to donate items knowing when children wake up on Christmas they will have all sorts of goodies they might not otherwise have had!!  Thank you to these programs for making things like this possible!!  We are so lucky to have customers that enable us to come to work every day and then give back to our communities!  Merry Christmas everyone!

I Am Lake City

9/28/2015 (Permalink)

Owners and Staff of Servpro of Columbia & Suwannee Counties

We are proud to be part of Columbia, Suwannee, Hamilton, Union and Lafayette Counties different chambers!  Our employees all are members of Columbia & Suwannee Counties and we are proud to say "We Are Lake City!"

We perform carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, ceramic tile floor & wall, Scotchguard applications, duct cleaning to HVAC systems as well as handling any emergency needs that may arise in your household or business.

Water, Fire, Mold, Biohazard Cleaning are all specialty things we handle - with or without insurance.  

We also travel to other states among a few are; Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC with our SERVPRO Storm Team when duty calls to help services other franchise customers.  These could include flooding, freezing & fire damages.  

We feel very blessed to be able to help individuals and businesses in Columbia County, as well as the surrounding counties here in North Central Florida!  Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Get Fit Project - Altrusa

5/4/2015 (Permalink)

Our local Altrusa Club has had their Get Fit Initiative for two years running now.  The first year one of our employees - Sharon Pocock - took 2nd place in the Biggest Loser competition and motivated several of her co-workers to participate this year.  From Jan to last week - 15 weeks we had the two owners (Chuck & Kim), as well as Kim's mom (Colleen), and Sharon once again participate and came out in the top 10 finalists.  Our team lost almost 200 lbs amongst them and continue to work together to Get Fit!  Find us on Facebook for more pictures!  SERVPRO of Columbia & Suwannee Counties

Relay for Life - A Top Fundraising Team

8/4/2014 (Permalink)

Kim Nicholson, owner of SERVPRO of Columbia & Suwannee Counties with her mom and a team member of Team Servpro (2014)

SERVPRO of Columbia & Suwannee Counties participates in many non for profit organizations and most recently were one of the top team fundraisers in Columbia County.  For 4 years in a row now, they have set up and manned a tent all night long (18hours) and fundraised throughout the year to help the American Cancer Society find a cure!