Fire Damage Photo Gallery

That's not a sunroof.

A fire ripped through Jasper home. This fire literally took the roof with it. Thankfully not a ton of contents were damaged in this fire. SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties moved fast to get the roof covered, and start the remediation process on this Hamilton County home.


UltraSonic saves the day (and the laundry basket)

Would you ever know this laundry basket was dark grey from being covered in soot? Our restoration technician Sharon placed it in our Ultrasonic Machine. This machine uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. In this case very little discoloration was left on the basket, and the homeowner was left with less to repurchase for their Chiefland home.

If it means something to you, It means something to us!

We were called out to access a fire damage in a Glen St. Mary home. Due to the homeowners not having enough coverage to write off a lot of stuff, we were able to save even the smallest things for them. To some a toothbrush holder may be just another $5 purchase, but when you have an entire home of $5 purchases to make it can add up quick. We've been there ourselves, if it is something you want to save then we will.

Vase restored from soot and smoke damage.

This beautiful vase was inside of a home as flames roared through it. Fortunately we were able to pack up the house immediately and move the contents to our warehouse for cleaning. As you can see this vase is back to it's original state. Our motto isn't "Like it never even happened" for no reason. If you have contents from a burned home or business we'd love to restore them for you.

Bake ware fully restored!

A Starke home went up in flames due to a cooking accident. This bake ware was located inside of a hutch in the dining room. As you can see it was full of soot. Our Highly skilled restoration technician Sharon was able to not only remove the soot, but fully restore it to the original safe for baking state. 

Dixie County House Fire

This is the inside a burned Cross City residence our crews were called out to remediate. SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties were able to arrive quickly and get this home restored to it's original state.