Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold on Bathroom Ceiling

Mold and Mildew are two different things.  Notably in Florida we have a high amount of humidity so for obvious reasons we might have more of a need for mold remediation than some other states.  

On staff we have a mold remediation certified employee as well as many technicians trained in mold remediation properly.  Keep in mind that "cleaning" mold off with bleach is not necessarily remediation.  It is a cleaner.  Depending on the porosity of the item the mold is on it makes a difference on what is used to remediate the item.

Fortunately for this homeowner, they noticed a problem in their bathroom and called SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties to come out and inspect their home. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff, we were able to give this family peace of mind. 

Mold, Mold, and More Mold

Mold is something you never want to encounter as the remedy usually means ripping apart your home. Unfortunately for this family that is exactly what needed to happen. Upon inspection of a water leak, the experienced staff at SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties noticed the mold damage and quickly came up with a plan. The damage was minor to SERVPRO (compared to some mold jobs) but major to this family. Our compassionate staff put their minds as ease and began the repairs. The homeowner was very impressed with our skills and knowledge and appreciated our demeanor. 

Mold hides in mysterious places.

This homeowner say water coming from under her dishwasher. This was the first of it that she had seen and thought it was just a small leak. Upon pulling out her dishwasher, she discovered mold had already started growing. Thankfully, she called SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties out to her Fort White home and we were able to get it dried out and completely remediated.

Mold takeover.

This particular is vacation home. When the homeowner arrived back to the home, Mold had taken over. This is not uncommon for us to see. When a home just sits for a few months even weeks, mold can spread like wild fire under the right conditions. 

Mold Overtakes Lafayette County Residence

A homeowner from Mayo, Florida called in SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties to help eliminate and remediate a mold problem overtaking their home. Here you can see what the inside of a closet looked like upon the arrival of our technicians. We were able to completely remediate the residence and pass an air quality test to return this home back to a safe living environment.

Mold Remediation in a Hamilton County residence.

This homeowner discovered that mold had started to take over his home. He called SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties out to his residence to get the problem taken care of. We were able to remove the mold, clean and seal the walls, and let this homeowner continue on with his home renovations.