Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Circular emblem with Emergency Management Columbia County written on it

Columbia County Emergency Alert System

Columbia County Emergency Alert System

The tornadoes that touched down in south Columbia County a week ago Sunday afternoon remind us of the importance of a dependable early warning system. Many of us receive notifications on our phones via a weather or news app, but did you know Columbia County has its own system for local emergencies?

You can receive information about local emergencies directly from the Columbia County Emergency Operations Center by registering at You have a choice about how you want to be notified. 

  • Email
  • Business Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Push Alerts (iPhone and Android)
  • If you prefer to remain anonymous, just text COLUMBIAFL or your zip code to 888777

If you need help registering, Shane or his staff would be happy to guide you through the process. (386) 758-1383.

Roanoke Storm Work

Being called to do storm work is a privilege we look forward to doing.  We are able to help our fellow franchises assist customers they otherwise are forced put on a waiting list.   It enables our staff to travel and see different states.  It truly is a wonderful feeling to be helping in so many ways to make peoples lives better.   

Moving walls?

Recently a massive thunderstorm rolled through our area and a tree fell. Sounds about normal right? Not for this homeowner, the tree landed on his home! When the tree fell on this mobile home, it landed in such a way that it altered the structure. Therefore, pushing the wall out of place. 

Trenton Home invaded by a TREE!

This Gilchrist county homeowner came home to find none other than a tree in his kitchen. A strong thunder storm that passed through area made the tree give way and land on his roof. We were called out and were able to remove the tree, dry out the attic and ceiling, and get this home back to normal. Most people want a tree house, usually not homeowners though! There's nothing we haven't seen and nothing we can't handle big or small.

All Hands on Deck for Hurricane Matthew

Here you see our Production Technician Jack removing an industrial sink from the garage of a residence that was flooded when Hurricane Matthew barreled through St. Augustine. This entire garage flooded as well as the main floor of the home. Thankfully we were able to respond to not only remove and dry out this home, But to also treat it to prevent mold from growing. 

Storm Team Restoration

This is a residence that was affected by Hurricane Matthew. Due to being flooded the drywall, insulation, and most all of the furnishings had to be removed. We were able to completely remove everything that was damaged or wet. When then dried out the structure and passed the job along to local St. Augustine Contractors of the homeowner’s choice.

Hurricane Matthew Clean-up

Due to the tremendous loss Hurricane Matthew caused, SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties was called to help out in St. Augustine. Here is a picture of our production technician Keith tearing out the wooden floor and plywood sub flooring due to the Black Water that flooded the residence.