Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Making A Difference in Our Community

We are always doing whatever we can to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our Community.  Sometimes it is through organizations such as Altrusa, which Kim is a member of since 2010.   Educators are important to all of us as they are contributing to our future by teaching our children.  Lets take a moment to celebrate them and make sure they know how appreciated they are!  

SERVPRO loves educators!

Working hard to create HAPPY Customers!

Here at SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties we work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied and happy with our services and staff.  Training is a continuous effort as well as hiring for personality.  Take a look at some of our reviews to see past customers and take a look at our employee photos and get familiar with whom is coming to your home or business!

We Love Teachers & It's Teachers Appreciation Week!

We are so excited that we were asked to donate to our teachers during teachers appreciation week!  With the funds we donated they were able to get a $500 gift card "Goodbye Lesson Plans, Hello Suntan" and two $250 Disney World Gift cards.  

As we all know teachers are not appreciated every day.  Children, parents and the rest of society takes them for granted and they are there every day with our kids teaching them and in most cases spending more time with them than parents do.  

Lets all get together and Thank A Teacher today as one week out of an entire year is not enough to show our gratitude that they chose to be a teacher!  

It usually goes unsaid but we need to be more than appreciative as without them..... we would be the ones attempting to teach our children in addition to raising them!


Relay For Life

We stay active in our community as well as the surrounding counties.  From Relay for Life to Altrusa, the Elks Lodge and the Craft Beer & Wine Festival we continue to sponsor, attend and stay involved.  We care about our neighbors and want them to not only know us as SERVPRO but to know us personally.  

We have been here since 2006 and always make an effort to join, commit our time and money to any events ranging from sponsoring a baseball team to a Charity Ball!  

We hope to see you at the grocery store or church.... not just when you might need our services.  

If you call us your getting your neighbor and someone that commits to making a difference in our community.

Our Flooded Home

Our home in 2012 when Tropical Storm Debby came through our area.  While we have been working with customers for over 20 years we never expected to be directly impacted.  "We left for work that morning and returned at lunch, this is what we came home too".  Water had rushed throughout our home and damaged everything we own.  The reason we say "Why SERVPRO" is that not only do we feel like we treat every customer as if they were our only one..... we have been through what you are going through so we understand.  Lake City has made us feel very blessed to be a part of it and that is why we say SERVPRO is the best!  You will find we want to make you feel like your home or business is the most important thing to us. 

Certified IICRC

We remain certified as water remediation experts as well as expect our technicians to.  We keep up to date on all new equipment that can assist us in our day to day operations and prepare us to do the best job possible in our area of expertise.  Know that when we come into your home at any time we are sending knowledgeable technicians to take care of your home or business the best way possible.  That is why SERVPRO should always be your first choice to call!  We handle damages in Lake City, Live Oak, Jasper, Fort White, Lake Butler, Mayo, Perry, Macclenney, Starke, Chiefland and many other cities surrounding us.  We are here to help in any of your emergency or cleaning needs.

Weighted Extraction - Rover

We pride ourselves in having innovative equipment that benefits our customers.  Whether it is the insurance customer or the homeowner or a business owner we work hard to maintain our knowledge on all the services we offer.   

In this photo we are doing what we call "weighted extraction" at a church that had a large water damage in their sanctuary.  The reason behind this type of extraction is to create the least amount of disruption in your life.  Depending on the source of water,  what the subfloor is and how long it’s been wet we can save the carpet and not have to remove it therefore causing less commotion in your home or office.  

We also do an antimicrobial treatment and dry the area to a qualified moisture content and clean the carpet to ensure it is safe for the church members.