Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Cleaning Tile & Walls

As you can see in the photos, soot from fire gets on everything. Every nook and cranny including grout of ceramic tile. These photos were taken after our crew... READ MORE

China Cabinet/Fire

We saved almost all of the china and crystal from this total loss house using our professional cleaning systems and procedures. Lake City, FL is where the home... READ MORE

Jewelry from Fire

This homeowner is the same as above, that had a total loss fire damage in Lake City, Florida - Columbia County. Alot of jewelry was clumped up in a plastic bow... READ MORE

Jewelry from Fire

Several pieces of jewelry saved from a total loss fire damage. This is another picture of the home that was in Lake City, Fl. and turned out to be a total loss... READ MORE

Dishes and such saved from a total loss

This lady lived in Columbia County, Lake City, Fl and lost her mobile home and everything in it. The boyscouts helped retreive anything they thought would be sa... READ MORE

Total Loss Contents Saved

This plate is from a total loss residential fire. This customer had no insurance and was devastated at the thought of losing everything they owned. Thankfully S... READ MORE

Kitchen Damaged from Fire

This fire was in Perry, Florida. An exterior light had caught on fire and caused severe damage to her home. Homeowner was 74 and admitted to hospital the nigh... READ MORE

Total Loss Fire Damage in Columbia County, Fl

This plate is from the inside of a residence that was totally lost due to a fire. The homeowner had no insurance. SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties salv... READ MORE

House Fire in Taylor County, Fl

This mirror was inside of a residence when it caught fire. Our highly trained technicians here at SERVPRO of Columbia and Suwannee Counties were called to help ... READ MORE