Recent Before & After Photos

After Extraction - Prep for Drying

Extraction includes cleaning up debris such as blown in insulation or in this case there were cases of toilet paper in the storage room that disintegrated with ... READ MORE

Stains to Clean

Customer had severe stains in hallway and thought of replacing carpet.  We were able to clean and sanitize enough to make it manageable until they get thro... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

Customer called and thought would have to replace carpet all together from a rental property.  After the customer used a shop vacuum to get up the large de... READ MORE

Overflowing is never good, unless it's your cup.

We received a phone call this past weekend about a toilet overflowing with water and sewage. This Live Oak homeowner had quit the overflow, but it wasn't from h... READ MORE

Water Damaged causes wet ceiling.

The Bradford County home you see pictured here had a significant water damage causing an entire section of the roof to seep down and ultimately need to be ... READ MORE

China Cabinet/Fire

We saved almost all of the china and crystal from this total loss house using our professional cleaning systems and procedures.  Lake City, FL is where the... READ MORE

Jewelry from Fire

This homeowner is the same as above, that had a total loss fire damage in Lake City, Florida - Columbia County.  Alot of jewelry was clumped up in a plasti... READ MORE

Jewelry from Fire

Several pieces of jewelry saved from a total loss fire damage.  This is another picture of the home that was in Lake City, Fl. and turned out to be a total... READ MORE

Dishes and such saved from a total loss

This lady lived in Columbia County, Lake City, Fl and lost her mobile home and everything in it. The boyscouts helped retreive anything they thought would be sa... READ MORE

Total Loss Contents Saved

This plate is from a total loss residential fire. This customer had no insurance and was devastated at the thought of losing everything they owned. Thankfully S... READ MORE